We fund vital life-saving equipment that allows the clinical and research teams to take advantage of advances in medical science and technology to deliver better care to children.

In 2015/16, the charity granted £4.1 million towards medical equipment and related capital schemes.

Sights set on preventing childhood blindness

Advancing imaging technology allows doctors to detect childhood eye (ophthalmology) conditions sooner and more accurately than ever before, often before patients present any symptoms. In 2015/16, we invested in two state-of-the-art imaging machines to help diagnose and monitor children with serious eye diseases.

The two machines are used on a daily basis. The new technology is highly flexible and has helped diagnose and treat more children with serious eye conditions in theatre, neonatal intensive care, and all inpatient and outpatient wards.

The machines have helped improve patient outcomes in treating children with retinovascular disease – problems with the blood supply to the retina, a vital part of our eyes. To date, 35 patients have been treated at the hospital with some of the brand new equipment purchased by the charity, and many more children are being investigated than was possible before, amounting to about 10–20 patients each day. They have also helped to dramatically cut waiting times, helping to create and enhance patient and family experience.