Rebuilding and refurbishment

The hospital decides and prioritises what is urgently needed to maintain the very highest standard of care for our patients and meet increasing demand.

This can range from constructing entirely new buildings and replacing cramped, out-dated wards to updating existing facilities.

Our ambitious modernisation programme helps the hospital by building brick-by-brick towards a brighter future.

A nurse’s perspective

Polly Livermore is Clinical Nurse Manager of Penguin Ward, where patients with skin, joint and muscle conditions are currently treated. She is looking forward to the opening of their new ward in the completed Mittal Children’s Medical Centre – one of the hospital modernisation projects we are helping to fund.

“The challenges we face are all to do with the ward environment. All of the negative feedback we get is to do with the lack of space. These facilities don’t match the standard of care that we offer.”

“We’re really looking forward to having more space and more appropriate rooms when we move into the new ward,” said Polly.


Your money goes to support the design, construction and fitting of new buildings and the renovation of older areas to give our patients the best care and experience possible.