Stream it. Beat it.

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Go live this October to help build the Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Event details

Sunday 1 October - Tuesday 31 October


What is Stream it. Beat it?

Whether you're a veteran content creator or completely new to streaming, join us in raising funds this October to help build the new Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital and help beat childhood cancer.

Choose the type of stream you want to do, whether it's beating a game you’ve always wanted to, screaming your way through a terrifying horror stream, or simply having fun with friends. The content and style of the stream are entirely in your hands.

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How do I take part?

  • Sign up by setting up your fundraising page on Tiltify.

  • Download our stream overlays, alerts, social media posts, and other essential assets for your stream.

  • Join our Discord community and follow us on X (Twitter) to let us know when you’re streaming so we can support you.

  • Set up incentives, goals, and other fun activities to make your stream extra memorable.

  • Stream once or as many times as you like throughout October.

  • At the end of the event, we’ll contact you to thank you and get your details for your incentives.

A woman wears a white-shirt with the Stream It.Beat It. illustration

Incentives for your fundraising

By going live and fundraising for GOSH Charity, you'll receive:

  • A Stream.It. Beat It. pin badge if you raise £100
  • A Stream.It. Beat It. t-shirt if you raise £250
  • An exclusive GOSH Charity logo light if you raise £1,000

Ideas for your stream

Stream whatever you want for as long or as little as you'd like.

Here are some ideas:

Beat the streamer - Set your community a challenge to beat you.

Beat a game on stream - It's Halloween month! Is there a scary game you want to challenge yourself to beat or is there a game in your backlog you really need to finish?

Beat a speed-running record - Are you a speedrunner, or want to beat a game you love as quickly as you can? See if you can beat a speedrunning record!

Beat a game in a unique way - Finishing a tricky game one-handed, turn off all the sound effects, cosplay as one of the characters, let chat make every decision.

Beat a world record - Check out Guinness World Records. Is there a record you'd like to try and beat?

Photo of Yumna sitting on hospital bed, looking to camera

How your support will help

Childhood and cancer. Two words that should never go together.

But, every week, around five children in the UK lose their lives to cancer. That’s five families who are faced with the worst news possible.

A child doesn’t have to die from cancer for it to take their life. It can take away their childhood, their opportunities to learn and even to have children of their own one day.

That’s why we’re building a new, world-leading Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). To give more children the chance to lead happy, healthy lives. And to help improve the odds for children with cancer once and for all.

Your fundraising could help fund the following

  • £100 could fund a table for a kitchen so that a family can eat together during long hospital stays.

  • £300 could fund a sensory projector to help relax and distract patients before treatment – reducing anxiety, agitation and reducing the need for repeat procedures – or to create calm but stimulating spaces for children to play and learn.

  • £1,000 could fund a bespoke sofa bed so that a parent can stay overnight with their child in their room.

Your fundraising will go to support the vital cancer care services at GOSH, including the refurbishment of GOSH buildings, upgrading equipment, pioneering research, kinder treatments and offering vital welfare services to our families during their time at GOSH.

In the event that costs change, we reserve the right to redirect funds for use against the hospital’s most urgent needs.