Patients, Family and Staff Support

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) provides strategic funding to support the patient and family experience at the hospital and to support the staff that work at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Patient and Family Experience Funding

GOSH Charity provides annual funding to support the patient and family experience of those under the care of GOSH. For example, support includes funding for the Play team, music therapy and chaplaincy. GOSH Charity works closely with the Hospital Executive Management Team to identify suitable priorities for charitable support in this area.

The charity is in the process of reviewing this funding stream collaboratively with the hospital and is developing its first Patient and Family Experience Strategy, which is due to be launched in mid-2024.

Staff funding

GOSH Charity provides strategic funding to support the staff who work at GOSH to help them feel better equipped to provide excellent care for children at the hospital.

In addition to several annual grants to support staff wellbeing, childcare and the GOSH Hardship Fund, GOSH Charity works closely with the hospital Executive Management team and wider GOSH HR team to identify other suitable priorities for charitable support in this area. By working together, we can ensure funding is aligned to the Hospital’s People Strategy and meets the GOSH Charity funding principles.

This is a strategic area of charity investment and we therefore focus only on projects which have been identified as strategically important by the hospital.

GOSH staff seeking charity funding in this area should speak to their general manager or the HR and Organisational Design team to establish the need and strategic relevance of the project and then follow the standard routes within the hospital to prioritise the proposal. This may then be recommended for charitable support via the Hospital Executive Management Team.

Special Purpose Funds

GOSH Charity has several special purpose funds (SPFs) which are a group of funds where each fund has a restricted purpose, dictated by the initial donation of funds. Funds can be used by GOSH staff on an ad-hoc basis to fund a variety of activities within the restricted purpose and aligned with the Charitable Expenditure policy. Funding must be approved by the relevant fundholders who are designated senior hospital staff members responsible for the oversight of a fund within the principles outlined in the SPF Policy.

GOSH Staff seeking funding from a specific special purpose fund or seeking to explore the various funds available should contact GOSH finance, through Aaron Shah (

The charity is not currently opening new special purpose funds.