Image of GOSH patient lying down wearing headphones, about to use MRI scanner.

We fund vital life-saving equipment that allows the clinical and research teams to take advantage of developments in medical science and technology to deliver better care to children.

The difference we make, together

With your help, we provide the high-tech hardware to ensure children at GOSH have access to the least invasive and most effective treatments available.

From live-saving defibrillators to the latest equipment for a vital cardiac catheter suite, your support enables the Charity to provide critical tools to help clinicians go above and beyond for the children at GOSH. The vital updating and modernisation of operating theatres, including the very latest interoperative MRI scanning equipment, has only been possible with the assistance of the Charity.

The new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system wouldn't have been possible without charity funding. Combining 385 unrelated systems into one, it has had a truly transformational impact on every aspect of life in the hospital, for everyone from specialist researchers to the patients themselves.

Your fundraising makes a vital difference to the hospital.

Image of GOSH patient with MRI scanner

Meet Connie

After years of health problems, Connie at age three was scheduled for a heart scan at her local hospital. This led to an urgent referral to GOSH, where doctors used state-of-the-art MRI scanners to diagnose her with pulmonary hypertension (PH). Knowing what to expect can make scans less strange and scary. The inflatable MRI scanner lets kids like Connie explore inside the machine and get used to what a real scanner will be like.

More information

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