GOSH Vital Equipment Appeal

GOSH Vital Equipment Appeal

We urgently need to raise £105,100 to fund two new Echocardiogram machines. Can you help?

Lucy's story

Seven year old Lucy from Glasgow was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension – high blood pressure in the lungs causing strain on the heart.

As part of her on-going treatment at GOSH, Lucy initially had Echocardiogram scans every three months, and now every six months. “Before coming to GOSH, Lucy would walk down the stairs and get out of breath; we’d have to carry her everywhere. She’d never have the energy she has now. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure Lucy’s heart is monitored regularly.”

GOSH’s cardiology team now performs Echocardiograms on around 20,000 patients annually. Two additional Echocardiogram machines will enable doctors to diagnose and treat more children than ever before.

“Lucy went through so much but the staff and facilities at GOSH meant we were in the safest and most professional hands.”

Claire, Lucy's mum.

Please help us reach our target so we can fund two new Echocardiogram machines and transform more children lives, like Lucy's.

Your donation will help provide:

  • ULTRA-SHARP 3D IMAGES so doctors can effectively plan complex surgeries.
  • HIGH-DEFINITION SCANS that offer incredible detail so doctors can pinpoint issues more accurately.
  • COLOUR-CODED SCANS to show which way blood is flowing.
  • FASTER RESULTS so that waiting times drop.
  • A PORTABLE SCANNER resulting in quicker cardiac exams.

Your donation could help provide this vital equipment. Thank you.