Charity lottery odds are higher than The National Lottery

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What are the odds of winning The National Lottery?

The National Lottery is the biggest in the UK and you have a one in 45 million chance of winning the big jackpot.

You are almost five times more likely to be struck by lightning. And let's face it, that's unlikely to happen with a one in 10 million chance.

What are the odds of winning a charity lottery?

There are many smaller lotteries that you can enter in the UK, such as The Great Big Lottery.

The jackpot may not be as big, but your odds of winning a charity lottery are so much higher. Based on the number of players, as at June 2022, you have a one in 2,547 chance of winning one of our 162 prizes per draw.

But you've got to be in it to win it!

Why should I enter the Great Big Lottery?

Playing for one month could help fund a member of the Play team, who help children prepare for treatments in a fun and accessible way, and who support them through recovery.

Playing for a year could help pay for family accommodation, so that parents can stay close by whilst their child is in hospital.

Play today for your chance to win up to £1,000 and to help change the lives of the seriously ill children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Where else can your £1 do so much?