GOSH streaming assets and tips

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Below you'll find some useful assets for your streamd and some livestreaming tips! Make sure to join us over on Discord and follow our dedicated streaming Twitter account, too.

Tips for a successful livestream

If you're new to live streaming there's lots of things you can do to get your viewers donating - we love seeing how creative everyone gets!

  • Decide on a date and time for your stream and spread the word across your social media channels.
  • Download our Steaming Week overlays and social media images below so everyone knows who you're raising money for.
  • If you're using a Tiltify page, you can use the polls, incentives and rewards functionality.
  • Set some donation milestones or incentives.
  • Get the viewers involved - you could do a poll to get them to decide what you do next in the game or announce you'll do a forfeit if you raise a certain amount in a certain time.
  • Call out and thank people that donate!

Streaming Assets

GOSH Streaming Week Overlay (.png) (38.3 KB)

GOSH Streaming Week - Stream Kickoff Image (.png) (71.1 KB)

GOSH Streaming Week - Stream Break Image (.png) (76.7 KB)

GOSH Streaming Week - Logo Transparent (.png) (493.6 KB)

GOSH Streaming Week - Logo Coloured (.png) (334.0 KB)