Tips to stay safe online

GOSH Charity supports and encourages a safe environment for everyone to play or stream. Whether you're new to gaming or streaming, or a seasoned pro, here are our guidelines to help you stay safe and have fun.

Top tips to staying safe online

  • Choose your settings carefully
    Changing your privacy settings means that only people you choose can see whether you’re online, who you can play with, and what games you’re playing.

  • Be respectful
    If you’re playing with an online community, be nice to everyone you’re playing with, even if they’re not as good at the game as you. Report and block anyone who is abusive or trying to bully you.

  • Don’t share details
    You can make some great friends online, but it’s important to never share any personal details like your full name, address, phone number, or where you go to school.

  • Choose a unique username
    Pick a unique username that is not your name, date of birth, phone number, school, your address and anything that can be used to identify you. Remember, you can use an avatar for your profile picture as well.

  • Remember to take breaks
    Taking breaks from playing can help you feel re-energised, more focused, and healthier. If you’re not enjoying the game, feeling tired or hungry, ignoring things like work, and getting bored - try taking a break.

  • Be careful with your money
    Always take your time before you make a purchase and follow these steps:
    - Don’t buy items from external websites if you can’t verify their authenticity.
    - Always keep track of what you’re buying - little items can add up over time.
    - If you’re not paying, always ask permission from the person whose money you’re using.
    - Don’t accept gifts or click on offers that seem too good to be true.

  • Be cautious with downloads
    Always double-check your downloads and make sure it’s published by a legitimate publisher. Downloading cheats or mods can contain viruses that damage your computer, or mobile, and give hackers access to your personal data.

Lastly, remember to always use official websites. For more advice on staying safe online and responsible gameplay, visit PEGI.

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