A matter of record

Welcome to GOSH

Great Ormond Street Hospital has embarked on a new patient-centred, pathway-wide project that will help to improve communication between clinicians and families.

The new electronic patient record (EPR) will allow clinicians to access information rapidly and from a single place, reducing the amount of time spent on administration and unlocking more time for clinical care. The EPR will have a child and young person friendly portal, which is age appropriate. This will make the lives of patients and their families easier by giving them the ability to book appointments online and access other relevant health and well-being information.

In February, the hospital confirmed Epic Systems Corporation as their preferred supplier for its EPR system and Aridhia Informatics Limited as preferred supplier for the research and innovation platform, which will enhance the way researchers access data.This work will drive the hospital’s ability to translate research into clinical practice to further the development of life-changing treatments and cures. 

Almost 200 staff across the hospital contributed to the procurement process, alongside patient and parent representatives.