Young fundraisers

There are lots of ways that you can learn about Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and support us too. 

What you can do

Supporting the charity

Video transcript

George: “My name is George and I’m seven-years-old. I go to junior school. I like drawing, but I don’t like maths. My favourite game is Uno and my best toy is my monster truck.

“Great Ormond Street Hospital is the best hospital in the whole wide world. I was in here for nine months because I had cancer.

“We had to go down and have a scan and they probably knew it was a tumour. I had two operations, one on my tummy and one there [under arm] where they took both of them out. But that one [under arm] was right next to my heart.

“My parents stayed with me. If they went home I’d be really sad, and I’d be all on my own, then if they came the next day I’d be really happy.

“My favourite place was Lion Ward because they have a play room there. The nurses are nice and the play room is nice and the play specialist is nice.

Exciting research

Karen: “So hi George, my name is Karen, I’m working with the cells from some sick children to fix the way their cells work.”

George: “They support exciting research.”

How you can help

George: “How can people help?”

Karen: “By raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and by being interested in the research and science that we’re doing here.”

George: “There is a lot of children that are ill. When the hospital opened in 1852, there were only 10 beds, now there is hundreds.

“Now the hospital sees lots of children every year. They can treat small babies and small children like me and teenagers.

“The charity helps build new wards and buildings, it also gives families and staff more space, and it gives mums and dads a place to stay.

“The hospital needs lots of donations. The money you raise helps the hospital care for more children like me.”

Thank you for helping us to help more children like George.