Jasper kicks off Christmas

Jasper was born with a bleed on his brain and was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for emergency surgery. His treatment is ongoing, but Jasper won’t let it stop him from joining his family and supporting GOSH at the London Santa Dash!

Rushed to GOSH

Within hours of his birth in June 2015, Jasper collapsed. He had a massive bleed in his brain and was fighting for his life. Jasper was transferred by CATS Ambulance (Children’s Acute Transfer Service) to GOSH for emergency surgery.

“Jasper spent the first three and a half months of his life at GOSH,” recalls mum Gemma, “He underwent ten surgeries in his first six months under the incredible care of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and Neurosurgery team on Koala Ward.”

“As a first-time mum, I really needed the support of the play team on Koala Ward. They were just invaluable to me. My baby was lying in a hospital bedroom, and they would bring in special toys and suggest new play techniques and ideas to help me give Jasper the stimulation he needed to help with his development, which was fantastic.”

Baby Jasper at GOSH

Dealing with a diagnosis

When Jasper was around one year old, he had his first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. This led to Jasper’s return and continued treatment at GOSH, where he is now under the care of both the neurology and neurosurgery teams.

As a result of the brain haemorrhage at birth, Jasper also has left-sided cerebral palsy, as well as Hydrocephalus. His epilepsy causes him to have daily seizures, some of which can be prolonged and difficult to stop.

“We are currently awaiting a surgical review, with Jasper being booked in for a procedure called Telemetry, which will help doctors to understand how epilepsy is affecting Jasper’s brain. We hope it will determine whether he is a candidate to have brain surgery to try and manage the condition.”

Kick starting Christmas at the London Santa Dash

“He is the most content, happy little man and we know the depth of his strength to fight,” said Gemma. “He’s an amazing character and he’s super sociable, he’s just lovely.”

Despite the challenges that Jasper has faced at such a young age, his family calls him their “little warrior baby” and encourage him to do as much as he can – including horse riding, ballet, skiing, and for the third year running, Jasper and his family will be taking part in the London Santa Dash.

Jasper at London Santa Dash

“It’s just such a great family day and the atmosphere is amazing! We really look forward to it. The Santa Dash helps kick start the festive season for us, and it’s special because our whole family will be there. Me, my husband Rohan, Jasper’s half sister Georgia, his half brother Jamie, and his new baby brother.”

Jasper’s family have supported GOSH since he was born. Through their Team GOSH Fund, they have raised around £20,000 through various challenges – including marathons, bike rides, epic treks, the London Santa Dash and so much more!

“My message to anyone thinking of taking part is ‘do it’! Please give generously to this fabulous hospital that has given us a chance at life with our brave son Jasper. Our little warrior baby.”

Join Jasper at London Santa Dash and do good this Christmas! Sunday 9 December, Clapham Common.

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