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Bill and Lenny Bake it Better

There are hundreds and thousands of ways you can get involved during Bake in Better week, in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. This year, Bake it Better week took place from 13-19 October 2014 and the UK went baking crazy! There's still plenty of time for you to take part and hold a bake sale - take a look at some of our fundraising ideas and tips to ensure your event goes like hot cakes. You can also read more about the Bake it Better campaign.

Foodie fundraising ideas

Cake raffle
If you’re a keen baker then why not set up a cake raffle (and maybe get your friends and family to help with the baking!). All you have to do is label each cake with a number and ask participants to pay a fee for a raffle ticket. If their ticket is picked from a hat, they win the matching cake!

Home-made lemonade
Accompany your sweet treats with some thirst-quenching refreshments and sell home-made lemonade in return for a donation.

Match the cake to the baker
Think your friends or colleagues know you well? Ask them to give a small donation to match the cake to the baker!

Battle of the bread!
Ask your friends or work colleagues to each bake a batch of home-made bread. Each participant pays a small fee to take part. Those who aren't taking part can taste each batch and the champion wins 50 per cent of the fees, while the remainder is donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Classic pie throwing contest
See if your local bakery would consider donating some pies. Get together a group of friends or colleagues who wouldn't mind donating some 'face' time. Charge a small fee for every throw!

Top tips

Set a date
Decide on a date and time for your bake sale and then register it. Why not help us celebrate Bake it Better week by holding your event on a day between 13-19 October?

keeping your bake sale safe and legal (.pdf) (145.3 KB)

Spread the word
Tell everyone about your bake sale! Use the posters and invites from your fundraising pack, which you'll receive once you register your bake sale. Utilise social media too - perhaps create an event on Facebook or let your friends know through Twitter. Don't forget to also download our guidelines on .

Handling money
Make sure you have a secure system for storing donations. Use a lockable box if possible and ensure that you have two people to count the money at the end of the event.

Food glorious food
Listing ingredients is particularly important for anyone with food allergies. Make sure you know the ingredients and, where possible, label your cakes and treats clearly.

We want you to put the fun in fundraising for Bake it Better, so enjoy yourself and make sure that you sample a baked treat or two.

Download your bake sale materials

After registering your bake sale, you'll receive a fundraising pack full of materials to get you started. If you need extra, you can download more bake sale materials.

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