A baker in the making – Logan bakes it better

Logan is ready for Bake it Better – are you? We spoke to his mum, Megan, and his grandmother, Sarah, about Logan’s treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), his relentless energy – and baking!

Logan was born at his local hospital with dangerously low blood sugar levels. When his condition did not improve, he was referred to GOSH at just a few days old.

Dealing with a diagnosis

“I had heard of GOSH as somewhere for very sick children, which made me nervous,” recalls Megan.

“At GOSH they did more tests and found his kidneys were covered in cysts, a condition called polycystic kidney disease, and that he had hypoglycaemia, which means his blood sugars are really low.”

The family initially spent seven weeks on Eagle ward, before spending a period of ten days there each month. Logan enjoyed daily visits from the hospital’s play specialists – and even met a magician! “The hospital is amazing, there’s nothing to compare it to,” says Megan.

“We have our own room and there is always one-to-one care for your child.

“There’s no treatment for polycystic kidney disease – it will get worse and worse until he eventually needs a transplant. They can’t tell us when – some children have a transplant at five years old and others get to adolescence.”

“His diagnosis was such a shock but the care he received blew us away,” says Sarah, Logan’s grandmother. “He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for GOSH and the charity fast became our family and friends’ favourite.”

A star baker

Sarah holds an annual Bake it Better cake sale at her work as a way of saying thank you to the hospital.

“A colleague at work has a child who was treated at GOSH, so we decided to do Bake it Better in the office,” says Sarah. “Logan pops in to make an appearance and last year brought fairy cakes he baked with his mum. All the staff members join in and it turns into a bit of a bake off.”

Logan is already proving to be an enthusiastic assistant in the kitchen. “He’s really outgoing and confident. He loves helping me with the cooking and doing baking,” says Megan.

“We make lots of different cakes together and he likes to do the mixing and the decorating. He helps cook his dinners and every morning he insists on spreading his own butter and marmite on his toast.”

The waiting game

Logan and his family will now have to wait and see how his condition develops – he undergoes tests every six months to determine when he will need his kidney transplant.

“To other parents I’d say try not to think about what is happening too much, just take one day at a time. Never Google the condition and try not to worry about the worst possible outcome. Trust the doctors to do everything they can to help your child.”

“Logan is such a lovely, happy little boy,” says Sarah, “He never complains or makes a fuss. For such a little boy he copes with everything remarkably well and always has a smile. He has such a happy disposition.”

Kicking off on 22 May, Bake it Better is the sweetest way to raise some dough for GOSH and help children like Logan. Find out more about how you can bake a difference and sign up today.