Clinical science gets the Twitter treatment @NHS

Each week the @NHS Twitter account is placed in the secure hands of someone who plays a pivotal role within the health service.

This week (commencing 27 March)  is the turn of Hannah Robinson, one of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s (GOSH) Trainee Clinical Scientists who works within the Genetics Laboratory at GOSH.

Passionate about science

Hannah is passionate about science and understanding the health and diseases of the human body. Hannah is in the second year of her Scientist Training Programme and is working towards registration as a Clinical Scientist in genetics.

Hannah is keen to provide her online audience with a glimpse into her fascinating and important work, an area of healthcare which rarely receives national exposure. 

“Over 80 per cent of diagnoses in the NHS involve the work of healthcare scientists although often it’s a job that not many people have even heard of.”

Hannah goes on to explain: “Some healthcare scientists see patients regularly in clinics or on wards, while other others like myself in genetics, are working in laboratories ‘behind the scenes’."

Rewarding role

Hannah finds GOSH inspiring and her role hugely rewarding, as she works collaboratively as part of a team which provides answers for some of the hospital’s children and young people who have very rare conditions.

Catch up with Hannah this week as she takes us on a virtual journey through her varied work, a tour of the Regional Genetic Laboratory, meeting clinical geneticists, analysing chromosomes and peeking through microscopes. Each day will peel back the curtain and highlight the valuable work which Hannah and her colleagues do on a daily basis.

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