GOSH Charity launches COVID-19 Appeal

26 Mar 2020, 11:38 a.m.

Staff and patients at GOSH

The NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge and Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity needs your help now, more than ever before.Dear friend,

We’re all facing an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 crisis and many people have asked me what this means for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Right now, the NHS is under severe strain and children have been transferred from hospitals across London to GOSH so space in those hospitals can be freed up to focus on adults with COVID-19.

GOSH has increased its intensive care capacity to make sure we have room for the UK’s most seriously ill children as it is needed.

Your support of our charity means we have already been able to help meet some of the hospital’s immediate needs, such as providing a range of services to support GOSH staff and funding rapid COVID-19 testing equipment so we can ensure the safety of the hospital's patients and staff.

Families with a child at GOSH know they are getting the best care, but it's often a time of worry and sleepless nights. Now it's even worse. Coronavirus is an added danger for the vulnerable. And the necessary safety measures to protect them and staff, such as limits on visitor numbers, can make it even more intense.

We urgently need to continue supporting the hospital in whatever way we can as it copes with the current crisis and the difficult times that will follow. We’re dealing with an unpredictable, evolving situation, with the hospital needing to react quickly to changes as they happen. This might include funding specialist medical equipment, COVID-19 research projects, staff welfare services or direct support for patients and their families.

As the safety of our supporters and staff is paramount, we’ve put many of our usual fundraising events and activities on hold. Your donations at this time will therefore make an enormous difference and allow us to continue providing vital support to staff, patients and their families in this challenging time and beyond.

Right now, we need your help as, together with the rest of the NHS, GOSH battles the COVID-19 crisis. You can donate now, easily and quickly, by clicking here.

We want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you for all the support you’re giving GOSH.

They need us and we need you, now, more than ever.

Louise Parkes
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Louise Parkes

CEO, GOSH Charity