Happy Mother's Day 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, we’re celebrating three mums at Great Ormond Street Hospital by sharing their stories.

For Ruth and Jessica (pictured above), it will be the first Mother’s Day that they’re celebrating together since Ruth donated a kidney to Jessica in 2016.


After suffering with a respiratory condition since birth and having chest expansion surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in 2010, Jessica was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease two years ago. Her parents immediately asked to be tested to see if they were a match. Having come back as the best match, Ruth began the process to donate a kidney to her daughter. Speaking of the donation, Ruth said: “I wanted to give Jessica her life back, and for her to be happy and confident”.

Both of them are doing well, and the transplant has made a world of difference to Jessica. She is happier, has more energy and is hoping to start horse riding again this spring. They will be spending the day together with Jessica’s dad, Edward. Ruth said going ahead with the transplant was the best decision she could have made.


Sara (pictured below) spent Mother’s Day last year by Rosie’s bedside. Rosie had been diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy in July 2015, a condition affecting one in a million children. Her family were told that Rosie had severe heart failure, and would need a heart transplant within a year.

GOSH family on a ward

During a routine check-up, it was discovered that Rosie’s condition had worsened. She was admitted to intensive care, and had an operation to fit a mechanical heart soon after. She spent 160 days on intensive care. During this time, Sara and her husband Barry often stayed in GOSH charity-funded parent accommodation. The accommodation means that parents can be at their child’s bedside in minutes, which is vital.

After some time, the opportunity arose for Rosie to have a transplant. Twelve months on, she is now recovering at home.

Sara said: “Last year, Rosie was in intensive care and wasn’t well enough to make me the usual homemade card or even wish me happy Mother’s Day. The Great Ormond Street Hospital school and play team made the day as good as it could be. They helped Rosie dip her feet in different coloured paint to make footprints and turned that into a card. The fact that Rosie is with us and we can share Mother’s Day together at home is everything I could ever want.

“Mother’s Day couldn’t be more different from last year, and we’re so thankful that we are lucky enough to be celebrating having our daughter home.”

Sara is looking forward to enjoying a roast dinner with Rosie, her husband, and Rosie’s siblings Grace and George and their grandparents. The children will also be getting creative:

"I usually get flowers and homemade cards. Grace is very creative and will spend a long time decorating her card with love hearts and daffodils. Rosie loves finger painting, and George and Grace enjoy helping her to get messy with the paints to make a card.

“Just seeing Rosie with her brother and sister and not attached to wires and tubes is wonderful. Our experience does make you appreciate every single day. Thanks to GOSH and organ donation, we can celebrate Mother’s Day this year.”


Frances (pictured below, on the right) stayed in parent accommodation at GOSH for six weeks while her son Robin was being treated for a kidney condition.

Two women holding floral arrangements

After spending Mother’s Day in the hospital with Robin, she now returns every year to donate flowers to other GOSH mums who are spending the day with their children in hospital.

She donates flowers on Mother’s Day, because she remembers how she felt being in the hospital on that day, and knows the joy that flowers can bring to families.

Frances is part of the Floral Angels, who take unwanted flowers from weddings, events, florists and retailers to restyle them into arrangements which are delivered to those in need within the community.

However you’re spending today, we hope you have a wonderful day.

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