Daphne's present 'Heart Art' with a celebrity touch

This week Daphne’s restaurant launched a beautiful collection of ‘heart art’ sketches designed by famous names from the world of art, entertainment and sport to raise money for the four bed bay on the cardiac ward.

12 September 2013

Stars including Helena Bonham Carter, Ronnie Wood, Victoria Pendelton and Jessie J expressed their creativity when they put their own unique design on to an original sketch by illustrator Emiloumakes.

The heartfelt designs were inspired by the cardiology unit where the new four bed bay provides families with modern facilities, ensuring a parent or carer can stay by their child’s bedside in comfort. 

A sneak preview of one of sketches, by Helena Bonham Carter, can be seen pictured on the right. 

The unique works, which will sell for £1,000 each, will be available to buy at Daphne’s restaurant on Draycott Avenue until Tuesday, 1 October.