Give it up for GOSH – What our families are giving up

On launching Give it up for GOSH, two parents of children treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital told us their special reasons for supporting the campaign.

As part of their treatment, many children at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) have to give up everyday things they love.

During January, The Independent and London Evening Standard are challenging you to Give it up for GOSH and raise money for the hospital.

Getting started with Give it up for Gosh is simple: first choose one thing to give up, then follow this link to JustGiving who will help you to create a page and encourage friends, family and colleagues to donate. All donations will help to make a difference to seriously ill children and their families from across the UK.

Two parents of children treated at GOSH share their special reasons for giving up for GOSH this January.


Thirteen-year-old Matthew (above) had life-saving surgery when he was just four months old and has been looked after by the cardiac and respiratory team since he was born – having regular tests and scans to monitor his condition. As a result of his condition Matthew is unable to play rugby, which he loves. Despite what he has been through, Matthew is going to take part in Give it up for GOSH and is going to give up fizzy drinks and crisps. His mum Carol will give up cakes and puddings.The sweet-toothed mum of two is going to give up cake and puddings for the whole of January to say thank you for the specialist care her son Matthew received for a rare heart and lung condition.

Carol said, "It’s going to be really tough for both of us but it will all be worth it. The hospital has a very special place in our hearts.”

She explains, “I am taking part to help raise money for this amazing hospital and I want to help them to continue to provide world class treatment to other children with such rare and complex conditions.”


Young girl in a hospital bed
Jessica’s mum Annabel talks about the life-saving treatment Jessica received at GOSH, and why she is giving up her beloved chocolate.

“When our local hospital told us that there was no treatment for Jessica’s brain tumour, my family was plummeted to hell. This was the hardest time of my life. We were taken to GOSH the next day by ambulance and within three days Jessy underwent an eight-hour operation to remove the tumour.

“The care Jessy received was unbelievable – every person we met at GOSH was so caring and attentive. Jessy was very ill post-surgery and we spent a month on the ward. Although she couldn’t walk, talk, or swallow after her operation, she is now fully recovered and requires no further treatment.”

“GOSH made all my dreams come true and I met the most amazing people, that’s why I am helping to raise funds by taking part in Give it up for GOSH.”

Annabel will give up chocolate for the whole of January. She says, “I absolutely adore my piece of dark chocolate every evening after my meal so it's going be hard for me. I'm determined to do it.”

Give it up for GOSH

Could you give up something you love for January, raising vital funds while doing so? Click this link to sign up via JustGiving now.