Eddie the Eagle Edwards (not the ski jumper!)

In the run up to World Storytelling Day on March 20, we'll be sharing stories by classmates of GOSH patient Ezara-Mai, inspired by the ward names at the hospital, which are named after animals. This week, Maddie tells us the story of Eddie the Eagle Edwards – but not the ski jumper!

Twelve-year-old Ezara-Mai comes to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for treatment for juvenile dermatomyositis. She is also an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, helping to increase awareness of GOSH and raise money. You can find out more about her story here.

​Enjoy Maddie's story!

Swooping high above the roof tops glided Eddie. His wings spread out like clouds, and his eyes were set on a huge plump mouse prowling around. He swooped low and shot his claws out and pounced accurately. He took it home and ate it as the big yellow sun drifted down and night fell. Eddie was too excited to sleep because a big national tournament of pouncing was coming up tomorrow morning. He had been practicing for ages but no one had offered to help him. 

In the morning he crossed off the day, 6th JULY and put on his blue helmet, left his hole in the tree and flew away. The tournament was in the mighty oak woods of Germany. The Flying Finn was first (he was the best ever pouncer) "what a great land" said Sir Peter, the umpire, through the microphone. "Eddie Edwards, it's your turn" so he climbed up the stairs, tightened his helmet and caught site of a mouse which was feeding on cheese. He swung his arms and jumped off with piercing eyes fixed on the mouse. Oh no! He plummeted to the ground, he was losing control.

SMACK, Eddie lay there on his very sore tummy looking sad. "Maybe another time for Eddie, maybe next year" said Sir Peter. Eddie was taken home by his friends who played a nice game of Checkers with Eddie. "I'm not waiting for the next Olympics in 5 years" Eddie said. "Yes, he has got to go now otherwise he will be dead by 1998 with all this pouncing, he will probably land wrong and die" exclaimed Eddie's friend. Eddie looked at him viciously. "All right, you will be nearly dead. Hang on, there's a big tournament coming up, you could try that Eddie!" 

The day of the tournament came. Eddie was very nervous. He tightened his blue helmet and flew out of the hole in the tree. The crowd was cheering, music was playing as Eddie got taken higher and higher in the lift up the tree.

Eddie looked down, his heart beating faster than ever, "how" he said, "how". He bent his knees, leaned forward and jumped. He shot down like a bullet and pounded on the small, now dead, brown mouse. The score came up on the board, 62 mph! 

"The new English record" shouted Sir Peter through the microphone clapping. Eddie got up and punched the air, he had achieved his dream! 

Ezara-Mai is printing out the stories and collecting them into a book, which she will offer locally for a suggested donation to the charity. If you’re interested in raising money to help seriously ill children at GOSH, take a look at some of our fundraising ideas.