The Journey of Kellie the Kingfisher

In the run up to World Storytelling Day on March 20, we'll be sharing stories by classmates of GOSH patient Ezara-Mai, inspired by the ward names at the hospital, which are named after animals. This week, Sophie tells us the story of Kellie the Kingfisher!

Twelve-year-old Ezara-Mai comes to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for treatment for juvenile dermatomyositis. She is also an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, helping to increase awareness of GOSH and raise money. You can find out more about her story here.

​Enjoy Sophie's story!

Hello, my name is Kellie. I am a very strange type of Kingfisher because I was born in Australia where everybody called me a Kookaburra which I think is an Australian Kingfisher. But now I live in the Norfolk Broads, I stick to being a Kingfisher.

Now, exactly how I found my way to Norfolk is what I am about to tell you. 

It was a very hot day in Australia so I thought I might just dive into the river to catch a nice fish to eat for lunch given it was 12.00 noon. So I took a deep breath and DIVED!!!! But all of a sudden the wind blew up and swept me up into the air and out to sea. I tried to fly back to my land, but it was a very strong north wind which was blowing me up the globe away from Australia. 

In about a week the wind had calmed fully and I was flying over China and what a beautiful country it was. As I didn't know it was a festival for the people of China, I was quite surprised to fall into the mouth of a Chinese dragon!!!! At first I was scared because I thought it was a real dragon, then I was relieved at remembering it was just a fabric made one for festivals but then again I felt scared because the dragon had just SHUT HIS MOUTH!!!! 

I felt very frightened but then a voice from outside the mouth said "Hey bird inside there come out. I can lift it open from the outside." So that's what this mystery voice did and when I came out it turned out it belonged to a male kookaburra probably caught in the same problem as I was. But when I started talking to him, it appeared not. He said he was flying up to Norway which I thought was a bit silly but all the same I agreed to go with him. 

So I set off up to Norway with crazy idea Kevin the Kookaburra. It was a very pleasant journey and Kevin was being very funny, cracking jokes about every five minutes in-between our chats about what it might be like in Norway. These chats were quite strange because neither of us had done much travelling so the ideas we came up with were a little bit mad but they were still fun to chat about. 

One day a terrible storm blew up and blew me and Kevin away from each other but neither of us in the direction of Norway. I felt sad at the loss of a good friend and also not reaching our destination together or on our own. 

I finally landed by a river surrounded by trees and a little footpath wound along the edge of the river. I went to look for a piece of evidence of where I was and soon found a sign saying "River Yare" and this beautiful place is now my home. 

Ezara-Mai is printing out the stories and collecting them into a book, which she will offer locally for a suggested donation to the charity. If you’re interested in raising money to help seriously ill children at GOSH, take a look at some of our fundraising ideas.