Laura and Ethan's Story: Running Kew Gardens 10k for GOSH!

Born with a small lump on his head, baby Ethan was referred to GOSH at six weeks old where he was diagnosed with Infantile Fibrosarcoma. He's rung his end of treatment bell and now his mum Laura is running the Kew Gardens 10k at Richmond RUNFEST.

Coming to GOSH

"Ethan was born with a small lump on his head which at the time the local hospital thought was a haematoma. Each day it grew bigger and bigger and I would sit at the hospital trying to get some help. Ethan’s big sister, Isla, who was four at the time decided it was a magic unicorn horn and thought she had the most special brother in the world,” recalls GOSH mum Laura.

“At around six weeks, Ethan’s swelling on his head had reached 12 cm and we were fortunate enough to be referred to a dermatologist at GOSH. When I arrived and the dermatologist realised that Ethan’s swelling was more serious, she immediately reached out to her colleagues for a second opinion and everyone that day was fantastic ensuring he had every scan and test necessary.” 

Baby Ethan

“Whilst this was happening the play specialist whisked Isla off and she even even went to an Easter party happening in the lagoon and had her face painted and stroked a rabbit! So as far as she was concerned a ten-hour day in hospital was the best day of her school break.”

“Ethan was booked for a biopsy first thing the next morning and within a few days I was called and told his swelling was a cancerous tumour called Infantile Fibrosarcoma. Within two days he was admitted and fitted with a Hickman line, had chemotherapy started and he has been with GOSH ever since."

“Despite it being a terrible diagnosis, the staff made it as pleasant as they could. We stayed the whole Easter weekend and they gave the kids bunnies and Easter eggs. They actually made it feel like a relief that we finally had an answer, albeit one that we didn’t want, but they gave us the confidence that he was in the right place and they would do their best by him."

Ringing the End of Treatment Bell

“Ethan is doing really well which is all thanks the amazing team especially the wonderful nurses and consultants on Safari ward. He rang the end of treatment bell surrounded by his favourite nurses and now visits GOSH every 3-6 months to see his oncologist and is also supported by a team on the Rhino ward as he has on going issue with his ears.”

Ethan and his sister Isla

Running for GOSH – Kew Gardens 10k

This September, Laura will be taking on the Kew Gardens 10k at Richmond RUNFEST to support GOSH. Laura's is looking forward to running the stunning route through the World Heritage site and enjoying a lovely day out with her family.  

“I have always been a keen runner and both my children love Kew Gardens, so it seemed the best run to sign up to this year. I took part in this same run a couple of years ago and had a fantastic time. My husband and Isla got kitted out with GOSH shirts and bang sticks and were cheering everyone on. The support was fantastic. I've also convinced a few friends to join in other events for GOSH when I couldn’t, and they have had a great time to.”

“I would encourage everyone to sign up for an event every year. Not only because of the difference it will make to so many people by raising vital funds but for themselves. By challenging yourself and raising money to help others you gain a real sense of pride and achievement that you can’t gain in any other way. By committing to raise money for GOSH you help keep families like ours together."

Inspired by Laura and Ethan’s story? Looking for your next running challenge? Run the Kew Garden’s 10k for GOSH on 14 September, enjoy the beautiful scenic route and help make a difference for more children like Ethan.  

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