Meet GOSH nurse, Lynsay

23 Aug 2018, 9:10 a.m.

GOSH nurse, Lynsay

This year, GOSH nurse Lynsay has set herself the inspiring challenge of completing all of the adidas City Runs taking place across London. As the next event – the Clapham 10K – approaches, Lynsay shares how she got excited about running and why she’s fundraising for GOSH Charity.

Why running?

“I was terrible at sports in school,” says Lynsay, “I started running in 2015 as a way to keep fit and meet new people. I had never run before, so I started slowly, building up to 5k runs, then 10k, then my first half marathon in October 2015.”

Lynsay has since completed an impressive five half marathons.

“I will be running a 36k event in September (a weekend covering 3 races: 5k, 10k and a half marathon). I hope one day to be able to run the London marathon or the Disney Dopey Challenge in America.”

Great opportunities

For Lynsay, running events are more than just a way to keep fit.

“Entering timed events help to keep me motivated and to set goals for myself. I have also used running events as opportunities to travel - finding new cities to run events in is a great way to explore and meet new people. So far, I have been able to travel to Paris, Berlin, Florida and San Francisco to run.”

Completing the adidas City Run: One Hour

“I really loved the One Hour event. It is the first time I’d run without a set distance, so that was really interesting. When I saw that adidas were having a series of events in London this year and after completing the first event, I decided to challenge myself to complete them all!”

GOSH nurse, Lynsay, with GOSH cheer squad

The best thing about adidas City Runs?

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the adidas City Run: One Hour event and the support from the crowds and fellow runners. I am by no means a fast runner, but the cheer from the supporting crowds, especially the GOSH Charity cheer squad, was a huge help in pushing me to keep going.”


Lynsay is currently the Pulmonary Hypertension Research Nurse at GOSH, and prior to this worked in the cardiac Bear ward, so she knows just how important fundraising is to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs and deliver extraordinary care.

“Research is at the heart of care at GOSH as many of our children have rare diseases – and research allows us to gain better understanding and insight into these. This can help us develop new treatments and provide better care for the children we look after.”

A typical day for Lynsay sees her corresponding with other research teams and meeting with families in the clinic.

“I liaise with research teams all over the world, sharing research findings to help develop better diagnosis and treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension patients. It is fantastic to be working at the leading edge of paediatric research and help contribute to advances in medical care.”

Lynsay’s role involves the set up and implementation of research studies looking into the treatment of this rare and life-limiting disease.

“I am looking forward to completing the adidas City Runs events this year and continue to help support such invaluable projects at GOSH.”

Next events

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