One year on – Livvy's RBC Race for the Kids story

“It was fast and I fell over, but I enjoyed it, especially getting my face painted,” says six-year-old Livvy, who sounded the klaxon to start the annual family fun run RBC Race for the Kids last year.

With her mum, Vicki, Livvy scooted along the 5k route to show her support for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), where she is treated for childhood cancer.

New treatments

Livvy relies on pioneering research at GOSH to find new treatments for a brain tumour that cannot be surgically removed. Instead of operating on Livvy, specialists at the hospital are finding new treatments that aim to shrink the tumour.

“Livvy was diagnosed with having a form of childhood cancer in 2013,” says Vicki. “The only treatment option was chemotherapy. It was then discovered that her mutation didn’t respond well. Without clinical trials at GOSH, this would have left radiotherapy being the only other option, with the risk of long-term side effects. 

“Since December 2016, Livvy has been on a research trial for a new drug for children that will hopefully stop the tumour growth without the side effects of chemo or radiotherapy. So far, she’s responding well and her tumour has shrunk.”

Fundraising for GOSH

Last year, Livvy took part in RBC Race for the Kids on her scooter after sounding the klaxon to officially start the race. “We wanted to take part last year as we had been part of the GOSH family for over three years,” says Vicki. 

“The hospital has treated my daughter so well and they’ve given her a great quality of life. When Livvy turned five, we wanted her to be part of the fundraising we do for GOSH, and we couldn't think of a better way for a child to be involved than by taking part in RBC Race for the Kids.

“Livvy was excited at playing a special part and starting the race, but she did get a bit of stage fright when she saw the huge crowds! The best thing Livvy liked was wearing the GOSH T-shirt and bringing her scooter.

“It was such a fun day. I love being surrounded by other GOSH families – it makes you realise that you’re not on your own and that makes you feel supported. RBC Race for the Kids is a nice way for children to be involved in fundraising and supporting GOSH. It's also good for competitive people who want to sprint and for slower people who have mobility issues, like Livvy.”

Livvy today

“Livvy’s health is amazing: her mobility and fatigue are improving, she’s able to make friends and play with them. Livvy is blossoming in front of my eyes and has now got a real passion for dancing. Her right sided weakness has also virtually gone. This is unbelievable to us. She's gaining confidence and learning to swim and her co-ordination when dancing is amazing.”

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