Play at GOSH today

The Play team are part of the essential services that continue in the hospital throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some imaginative ways they are using the power of play today!

The power of play today

The Play team are part of these essential services that continue at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Activity packs made by the Play team for GOSH patients

Here are some of the imaginative ways the Play team are using the power of play today:

  • 1:1 sessions with patients to help them cope with the changing situation.
  • Making up activity bags – these are bespoke play kits containing activities and games, specifically designed for different ages and needs. They can be passed into rooms with almost no contact, preventing the spread of infection.
  • Running play sessions for immune-suppressed patients (on Fox and Robin Ward) via Zoom, as well as thinking about Zoom group sessions.
  • Chatting with children in isolation via walkie talkie, continuing their engagement with play on a daily basis.
  • Sharing play ideas and activities that can be done at home with minimal resources on their fantastic Instagram account.
  • Creating information packs to help explain the virus to children and young people at GOSH, much like the advice we’re sharing on our Power of Play portal. 

Sian Spencer-Little, Deputy Head of the Play team, tells us: “Continuing to play in a time like this will help children work together, learn new skills and evoke joy. It also gives us a freedom to explore and access resources we haven’t used before.”

Emoji drawings from the Play rooms at GOSH

The situation in the hospital

Right now, the NHS is under severe strain and children have been transferred from hospitals across London to GOSH so space in those hospitals can be freed up to focus on adults with COVID-19. 

GOSH has increased its intensive care capacity to make sure we have room for the UK’s most seriously ill children as it is needed.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) has launched an appeal to help fund both the hospital’s most urgent needs today and support its vital work once this crisis is over. 

We have already been able to help meet some of the hospital’s immediate needs, such as providing a range of services to support GOSH staff and funding rapid COVID-19 testing equipment so we can ensure the safety of the hospital's patients and staff.

The hospital needs the support of the charity now more than ever, so it can continue to deliver the best, life-changing care for seriously ill children. 

Donate to the COVID-19 appeal