Running for Raffy

This 8 December, GOSH mum Hayley will be taking part in London Santa Dash with friends and family, as a way of saying thank you to the hospital for its care and support. Here, she tells her story.

Initial concerns

At her 20-week scan, Hayley was told by her obstetrician at UCLH that her unborn baby's kidneys looked extremely enlarged.

As part of a shared clinic, she saw Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) consultants who explained to her that there were a range of possible causes.

“They were very factual, of course, but very measured. Which was something that, at that point, we were very grateful for. We wanted to know as much as possible,” she recalls. “It wasn’t a pleasant time, but we were dealt with in the most supportive way.”

Raffy was born in November 2018 at UCLH. He had a pear-shaped tummy, because his kidneys were so big.

Transferring to GOSH 

The day after Raffy was born, he was transferred to GOSH where he spent 10 days being monitored. 

During this time, he was transferred into a private room on the renal ward. “This meant that I could stay with him, which was amazing,” says Hayley. “I stayed with him the entire time.” 

When Raffy was four days old, he had his first scan. It was at this point that a doctor explained the problem with Raffy’s kidneys might be reflux, which the scan later confirmed it was.

“The doctor was so generous with him time, and so informative,” Hayley says. 

Further scans showed that Raffy's kidneys were functioning as they should and, as he was eating and drinking normally, doctors were happy to send him home with his family.

Today, Raffy is doing well and continues to visit GOSH for check-ups. 

“The ward staff and our consultant have been really clear that if there's anything we need in the meantime, we can just get in touch,” says Hayley. “So, when we started swimming lessons, we called up to check whether there was anything we needed to know. People have always gotten back to us.”

“From the very first interaction right through to when we were discharged, we have just been astounded by the quality of care from every single person that we’ve interacted with,” she adds. 

A square of Santas 

Raffy was discharged on the Sunday of London Santa Dash 2018. 

“We had parked the car on a square where a group of Santas were gathering,” Hayley says. “It was the most surreal thing – seeing all these Santas. We didn’t have a clue what it was!”

Hayley and her partner, Matthew, looked it up online. “It’s not often you see a square of Santas!”

When they found out about London Santa Dash, they pledged to do it themselves in 2019. 

All running for Raffy 

Hayley and Matthew will be taking part with a big group of friends. “We’ve got people travelling from all over to come and join us,” she says. 

And will Raffy be joining them? Yes!

“We’re going to push him in the pram. He’ll be in a little festive outfit,” Hayley confirms. 

“We’re looking forward to saying thank you to GOSH, and really to celebrate – not only our children but the care and support we’ve had,” she says. 

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