Simcha's Birthday Skydive!

Former GOSH patient Simcha choose to celebrate her 16th birthday by taking on her first skydive in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Connected to GOSH

At just four months old Simcha developed a strawberry birthmark on her face that began to grow larger and larger. Simcha was referred to GOSH by her GP to see specialists, underwent regular laser treatment during her childhood and eventually had her birthmark surgically removed shortly before secondary school. Simcha’s connection to GOSH extends to her mum, Maxine, who was herself treated at GOSH as a child. “I was there myself when I was a little girl, I used to have really bad eczema… I used to go up there every other week with my mum, for hours,” she recalled. Maxine shared her experiences and admiration for the hospital with her children, strengthening their family’s connection to GOSH.

Simcha's skydiving on her birthday

A birthday adventure

“I thought it would be good to do something fun and help others,” explained Simcha of her motivation to take on such a huge challenge. Inspired by her own experiences, those of her family and those in her wider community with GOSH, Simcha decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime – skydiving to mark her 16th birthday! “She just announced to us, I would like to do a skydive for Great Ormond Street Hospital. To give back for everything they have done for me. She just announced that to us when we were watching telly,” said mum Maxine.

Simcha after her Skydive

The jump and beyond

“It was amazing but so cold, my nose was frozen!” Simcha joked about the skydive. Now, she can’t wait to do it all again: Simcha has said she wants to commemorate her 18th birthday with another thrill-seeking jump and has even inspired her younger brother, who plans to follow in her footsteps by marking his 16th birthday with a charity skydive. Simcha has raised a sky-high £1,436 so far and counting. With the help of her family, Simcha shared her challenge on social media, at school and throughout their community in order to reach her target. The family’s mechanic, alarm company and even their accountant rallied behind Simcha’s adventurous spirit.

Looking for your next fundraising challenge? Whether it’s to celebrate your birthday like Simcha or if you just fancy soaking up the incredible views from 12,000 ft, take the leap and make a difference for the seriously ill children treated at GOSH today.

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