This year has been a huge challenge for everyone. 

Your support for GOSH has been vital.

Scroll to find out how.

Throughout COVID-19,
your support has enabled
us to help the hospital with
its urgent needs - from
testing and safety, to vital
support services that
care for staff enduring
immense challenges.

Together, we're
making it through.

In 2021, the Premier
Inn Sight and Sound
Centre will open. 

A new specialist home
for the hospital’s biggest
patient community,
just across the road.

You did this.

GOSH patient Mela will
be treated at the new
Sight and Sound Centre.

Our National Call has
funded 11 child health
research projects,
investing £2.3 million. 

Researchers at six institutions
– right across the UK – have
been chosen. Their work
will change lives.

ou helped that happen.

GOSH patient Tulsi received
delicate spinal surgery at
Great Ormond Street Hospital
within hours of being born.

The people who
work at GOSH
are the hospital’s
greatest strength. 

The GOSH Learning
Academy, a centre for 
paediatric education, 
offers 19 specialist
modules – 500 GOSH
colleagues are
already students. 

Without your help,
this wouldn’t be possible.

Lizzie has been working at GOSH
for more than 20 years. She has
seen the impact of your support,
as new buildings and facilities
transform life at the hospital.

Play matters. 

The hospital's Play Team,
funded by GOSH Charity,
are experts.

They support 500 children
every day, to entertain,
support and reassure. 

Your support means so much to the children, families and staff
at GOSH – now and always. 

On their behalf, here’s
a special thank you.

Help us make a difference, now and in the future.