Why Emma is taking part in RBC Race for the Kids

Sixteen-year-old Emma has been a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) since she was four years old. She’s training hard for this year’s RBC Race for the Kids, which is taking place in Hyde Park on 7 October.

“I take part in RBC Race for the Kids every year as it’s a way to support the hospital that has done so much for me and my family,” says Emma. “It also helps me to get fit ready to compete at the British Transplant Games in July.”

Emma (pictured above with her mum, brother, Greg, dad, and sister, Megan) has had to cope with a range of conditions while being at GOSH – including a growth disorder, kidney failure and chronic psoriasis –  and she’s determined to give something back and keep active at the same time.

Frightening diagnosis 

When Emma was first admitted to GOSH, she was diagnosed with a growth condition, which the family thought would only affect the long bones in her body. They were shocked when, in 2008, Emma was diagnosed with kidney failure. 

“That was a very frightening time, as I was so sick,” says Emma. “But the nurses and play specialist were so caring and never let me realise how ill I was while I had constant blood tests and medication.”  

A year later, Emma’s mum donated her kidney to save Emma’s life: “That’s a day I’ll never forget,” she says.

Dedicated staff

“The staff at the hospital are so wonderful,” says Emma. “They help you not only with your medical needs but offer you advice and support about growing up and being in hospital. Recently, I was chatting to a nurse about the dress I was wearing for my prom, and she seemed just as excited as I was.

“One of the ways the staff have helped me most is by giving up their holiday time to organise and support the GOSH Renal team at the British Transplant Games. I’ve competed in seven games since my transplant and won numerous medals.”

Top fundraiser

Emma has become one of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity’s (GOSH Charity) top supporters and is a dedicated fundraiser, including taking part in our annual 5k family fun run, RBC Race for the Kids, year after year.

“I love supporting the hospital as I have spent a lot of time there growing up and they saved my life when I had my transplant,” says Emma.

“I’m looking forward to the RBC Race for the Kids this year as it’s in the magnificent Hyde Park, and it’s an opportunity to meet up with friends I have at the hospital and in the Young People’s Forum.” 

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