Why we need a new cardiac ward

Every year, 882 children are treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for cardiac conditions. Juliet is a Cardiac Intensive Care Nurse at GOSH. 

As the Cardiac team prepare for the opening of a new ward in October, Juliet explains the need for new equipment.

A demanding day

“It’s a huge privilege to work here at GOSH. I've been here since 2006 and have worked across three intensive care units. At the moment I do a lot of work as a family liaison sister which involves meeting families on and before admission and being their constant point of contact.

"It's all about helping people navigate through their treatment. Many families are really frightened when they arrive at GOSH, they don't know what to expect. I work as part of a large team of social workers, psychologists, bereavement teams, palliative care teams and play workers who all support the parents and children being treated at the hospital.

"I also help families to sort out accommodation in London so they can be close by at all times and I encourage families to look after themselves too."

Coordinating care

"Every day, new babies arrive from across the UK for a wide range of treatments including heart surgery and transplant. I've recently worked with a patient from Glasgow in Scotland and have been working closely with their local hospital to coordinate their care and give advice on how to help them get better.

"Helping such desperately sick patients can be emotionally demanding work. But when I see them turn the corner and begin to recover I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

“Since we opened in 1852 with just 10 beds, we’ve relied on generous donations to build world-class facilities and buy cutting-edge equipment so we can give extra special care to every child who needs us.

“As new treatments are developed, more families are coming to GOSH. For many, we’re their last hope. We want to help them all but we’re running out of space and are so urgently undergoing an expansion.

“Any donations could help fund life-saving machines like ventilators, defibrillators and heart monitors to equip our brand new children’s heart ward."

Your gift will help us fund more beds for critically ill children.

"The new ward is spacious and filled with natural light, a far cry from the small rooms and narrow corridors in our previous building. Space and light have a big impact on how families cope living in the hospital. It affects the staff too, which in turn affects the patients.

"The building is almost ready but it's missing the key pieces.

"We need portable heart monitors for children so weak that their hearts are in constant danger, specialist beds that protect delicate skin from pressure sores and defibrillators to restart a child's heart during cardiac arrest."

Every single donation brings GOSH one step closer to a new piece of equipment. Will you help?

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