Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes

A unique insight into Great Ormond Street Hospital

In this ITV series, which premiered on 8 August 2018, Paul O'Grady visits patients and families from all over the UK at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), providing a unique insight into their experiences at one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals.

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Paul O'Grady said:

It has been an absolute honour to film at GOSH, meeting the children and their families as they go through some of their toughest days. They were truly inspiring. I have so much admiration for the truly dedicated staff who treat and care for them. I can’t wait for you all to meet all the cheeky characters, happy faces and brave families that I had the privilege of meeting. 

Episode guide

Episode One: 8pm, Wednesday 8 August

Mum, Juliet, visits GOSH regularly with Emily and Luke.

Paul meets brother and sister, Emily and Luke (age eight and five, pictured above), who both have cystic fibrosis. Paul also catches up with plastic surgeon consultant, Neil Bulstrode, who helped 13-year-old Mackenzie have his ear reconstructed after being born with microtia.

Find out more: Read more about Emily and Luke and how you could help support the charity. You can also visit the hospital site to find out more about Mackenzie and the hospital's amazing staff.

Episode Two: 8pm, Wednesday 15 August

Lily and her dad Darren

Paul pays a visit to Elephant Ward to see Lily (8, pictured above), who’s being treated for a rare form of leukaemia. Paul also meets GOSH nurse Ruth, whose 14-week-old baby boy, Ezra, has a rare condition affecting the food and wind pipe.

Find out more: Lily’s mum, Sam, shares more of their inspiring GOSH story – you can read it here. You can also read about Ruth and Ezra on the hospital site and find out more about the staff involved in Ezra’s treatment.

Episode Three: 8pm, Wednesday 22 August

Taheem, a patient at GOSH laughing and smiling with his mum Aida

Aleks (10), has a life-changing operation to reconstruct the bone around her eye and cheek. Paul meets, Fazeel (11), who has epidermolysis bullosa (EB), which causes the skin to become very fragile. Paul also visits four-year-old Taheem (pictured above), who was diagnosed with kidney failure at just 15 months old.

Find out more: Read more about Taheem and how the charity helps support families by funding parent accommodation. You can also visit the hospital site to find out more about patients, Aleks and Fazeel.

Episode Four: 8pm, Wednesday 29 August

Alex is fitted with cochlear implants at GOSH

In this episode, Paul meets four-year-old Esme, who spent 11 months at GOSH in need of a heart transplant after being diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Paul also meets, Alex (11 months), who was only a few weeks old when admitted to GOSH and a few months old when he had surgery. 

Find out more: Read more about Alex and how you could help support the charity. You can also visit the hospital site to find out more about Esme and the hospital's amazing staff.

Episode Five: 8pm, Wednesday 5 September

George with his family at GOSH

Paul meets brothers Freddie (4) and Arthur (2), who are both being treated at GOSH for unrelated cancers. Paul also catches up with George (15, pictured above), who was born with two small holes in his heart and a thickness in his heart muscles. Finally, we meet Angel (4), who was just three months old when doctors in Peterborough discovered she had tumours in both her kidneys. When chemotherapy was unsuccessful, she had to have both kidneys removed at GOSH and is now waiting for a transplant. 

Find out more: Discover more about patients, George and Angel, and read interviews with Play Specialist, Lynsey Steele and Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, Juan Kaski. Also, visit the hospital site to read all about Freddie and Arthur and Professor Darren Hargrave. 

Episode Six: 8pm, Wednesday 12 September

Little hero, Amelie at GOSH

Paul meets Ocean (9), who has been diagnosed with a condition called Potts Puffy tumour, which is characterised by an abscess on the frontal bone of the brain. Paul also meets, Rosey (5), who has been treated at GOSH since she was a baby and has since had 20 operations and procedures. Finally, we meet one-year-old, Amélie (1). Amélie spent over a year in hospital, after being diagnosed with a laryngeal cleft at four weeks’ old.

Find out more: Read Amélie's story and discover more about the hospital's amazing chapel that features in Episode Six. Head over to the hospital site to find out more about patients, Ocean and Rosey and meet some of the hospital's incredible staff, including Dr Zubair Tahir and Nurse Practitioner, Donna Wyan.

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