Rising to the Tower Climb challenge

One-year-old George has been treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for a condition called multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK) almost since he was born. 

Here, his dad, Nick, tells us why he’s decided to climb the 828 steps of the Walkie Talkie building this 2 March, to raise money for GOSH. 

The journey so far 

“We first found out that George had a problem with one of his kidneys at the 20-week scan, and shortly after it was confirmed that he would likely be born with MCDK. However, my wife and I didn’t really know what that would mean for him. 

“After he was born, our local hospital referred him to GOSH to be seen by a specialist to measure the severity of the condition, have a DMSA scan to check the functionality of his other kidney and determine what treatment was needed.

“Thankfully, George is doing well now – a real little character who loves to explore and has a habit of taking his big brother Harry’s toys, much to Harry’s dissatisfaction! 

“The outlook is positive and currently George just needs to attend GOSH for scans and check-ups every six months, to ensure that his one functioning kidney is well. We are hopeful that he will be able to live life to the full." 

Our GOSH experience 

“GOSH is a very friendly and colourful place – a nice touch that some of the décor has been created by children at the hospital. 

“It’s been amazing: both in terms of the care and treatment of George, but also with explaining his condition and results with us each time we visit. We couldn’t thank the staff enough for everything they’ve done for us and I am sure for many more children and their families." 

Sign up to climb up  

Taking on Tower Climb 

The Walkie Talkie Tower Climb is Nick’s first fundraising event for GOSH. What inspired him to sign up? 

“The children. Some of what we have seen really puts life into perspective and you don’t always appreciate what some of those young children have to go through on a daily basis. 

“As a bonus, you don’t get to climb such an iconic London building every day! 

“I’ll be participating on my own, although I am on the 10am slot if anyone wants to join me – I am sure there is still time to sign up!” 

Lead up to the event 

Nick has set an ambitious fundraising target of £1000 and he’s already halfway there. Does he have any tips for others hoping to take part in the event? 

“Social media is a great tool to reach out to friends, family, colleagues to tell them your story and spread the word of the event. Also, don’t be afraid to keep promoting what you are doing – that might be updates on fundraising, training, photos or a countdown. After all, it's for such a great cause." 

Nick is also doing some training for the event, which ties in nicely with his New Year’s resolutions. 

“I have been hitting the gym five times a week since going back to work after the Christmas holiday.” 

Good luck, Nick! 

Join Nick this 2 March