Christmas Stocking Appeal 2018

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Everybody wants to be at home for Christmas, celebrating with the people that they love. Unfortunately, lots of children at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are too sick to go home.

Children like Ben (pictured above with his mum) who spent one of his first Christmases at GOSH.

You can read more about Ben's story below and you can help the families of GOSH be together this Christmas in two simple ways – with a donation and a stocking message.

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Keeping families like Ben's together during difficult times is vital. £15 could go towards a night’s stay in nearby family accommodation so parents can stay close by while their child is in hospital.

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We display your festive messages at the hospital for the children, families and staff to read. Everyone at GOSH loves reading your thoughts and good wishes at Christmas time. Messages will also be published on this page, but can take up to three days before they are available to view. When writing your message please do not provide any personal information. We reserve the right to remove any messages we deem inappropriate.

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Mum and sons, Ben and James at home for Christmas

Meet Ben

Ben came to GOSH when he was 17 months old.

He had contracted meningitis and had to be put in an induced coma to allow the treatment to be more effective. When Ben first woke up from the induced coma, the meningitis infection had left him blind and deaf, with uncontrolled limb movements.

Viki, Ben’s mother, spent that Christmas on GOSH’s neurology ward, as the medical team continued to control the infection. From having recently begun to take his wobbly first steps, Viki’s little boy was now lying almost unresponsive in a hospital bed.

Over the following months, Ben regained some of his sight, hearing and movement, and Viki treasures the moment Ben gave her his first smile. Three years on and Ben still receives ongoing support from GOSH, but the family are now enjoying spending Christmas together at home.

Amazing staff

Mum, Viki said: “The staff were amazing, so supportive and calm when I needed them to be. They didn’t just give Ben his medication but also spent time with him and made sure he was really comfortable. When I had to briefly leave him to see James, I knew the nurses were doing all the things I would do as his mother. 

“At Christmas, there were lots of visits by musicians and entertainers, and the staff dressed up and made a real effort to make the time feel special. Ben was really sick but I see the huge difference it made to the other children on the ward.”

Please send a message or donate and help families be together this Christmas.