Stories of children with cancer at GOSH

The new Children’s Cancer Centre at GOSH will help children with the hardest to treat cancers. Meet some of the children that have been treated at GOSH.

Headshot of a young girl sitting on a bed at GOSH and smiling to camera

‘She’s doing fantastically’: Meet 12-year-old Grace

For 12-year-old Grace, being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer, meant being separated from her twin brother, Max. The pair were just four years old when Grace was referred to GOSH.

Grace’s mum, Kelly, shares their story.

Headshot of boy wearing red hoodie smiling to camera.

‘It's not just about treatment, it's everything else too’: Meet Umar

Umar was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, at just three years old.

Now eight, he's stable and visits the hospital every three months for scans.

Umar’s dad, Fahim, shares their story.

Maya looking through the glass window of her room. Her sister is the other side, holding her hand out to her.

'She gives me this strength that I didn't know I had': Meet Maya

Maya was born with leukaemia in April 2023, although it wasn’t until six weeks later that she was diagnosed at a hospital in London.

She underwent chemotherapy, immunotherapy and a bone marrow transplant at GOSH. Unfortunately, in January 2024 her parents discovered she had relapsed. Maya started CAR-T therapy in March 2024.

Maya's mum, Daisy, shares her daughter’s story.

Close up of Hugo smiling and looking to camera. He's sitting in a toy car on an oncology ward, attached to a machine placed next to him..

Meet three-year-old Hugo

Hugo arrived at GOSH just before Halloween last year to receive treatment for hepatoblastoma – a rare type of liver cancer.

Since then, Hugo’s undergone chemotherapy and a successful liver transplant. Today, he’s doing well.

His mum, Jasmin, shares their story.

Photo of Ralphie's dad holding Ralphie and looking down at him, while Ralphie looks to camera

Meet 11-month-old Ralphie

Ralphie was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) at GOSH. Since then he’s been undergoing intense treatment at the hospital. Despite initially having a bad reaction to chemotherapy, today Ralphie is doing well.

His parents, Sophie and Luke, tell us more about Ralphie and their GOSH experience.

Photo of Yumna sitting on hospital bed, looking to camera and holding a toy wand

Meet three-year-old Yumna

Yumna is an outgoing and talkative child who loves dancing, singing and posing for pictures. In November 2021, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at GOSH.

Here, Yumna's mum Salma – who's been by her daughter's side every step of the way – recounts their GOSH journey so far.

Max lying down smiling widely, looking straight ahead

Remembering Max

In August 2019, 11-month-old Max sadly passed away from a rare childhood cancer. He’d spent most of his life at GOSH.

His mum, Suzie, continues to fundraise in her son’s memory, including running the TCS London Marathon in April.

Here, she tells us about Max and his time at GOSH.

Archie at GOSH looking to camera

Life on Elephant Ward for seven-year-old Archie and mum Aneta

The new Children’s Cancer Centre will help children like seven-year-old Archie. His mum, Aneta, describes him as a smart, caring child who loves to play football and adores anything electronic.

His treatment will continue for the next two to two and a half years.