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Since GOSH opened in 1852 with just 10 beds, we’ve relied on generous donations to build world-class facilities and buy cutting-edge equipment so the hospital can give extra special care to every child who needs them.

As new treatments are developed, more families are coming to GOSH. For many, the hospital is their last hope.  The hospital is running out of space and so is urgently undergoing an expansion.

Will you help us add the missing pieces?

The new ward opens in October. Filled with natural light, Alligator Ward will be a welcoming, nurturing place for families and children, helping them cope through the toughest of times. 

The ward is almost ready but it's missing some important pieces, the crucial equipment that will save thousands of babies and children each year, for decades to come. 

Please can you donate £20 to heal thousands more little hearts? 

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Healing George's heart

George was born with a heart defect and was transferred to GOSH for life-saving heart surgery to repair the hole in his heart.

George’s mum and dad Lucy and Sam were told that because newborns are too small for such major surgery, George would have to wait at least 12 weeks, while he grew bigger and stronger.

Waiting for the operation was close to unbearable for Lucy. She said, “It was the hardest time I’ve ever had to go through”. Lucy could not take George out for fear he would catch an infection. If he cried, his oxygen levels could become dangerously low. Yet keeping a baby from crying is next to impossible. At night, Lucy often struggled to sleep, her mind consumed by worry.

George had his operation at 14 weeks old. Lucy and Sam waited for seven hours while specialists performed the intricate open-heart surgery on their son’s tiny heart. “George was so tiny and fragile, and thinking that they were going to stop his heart was awful. It felt like a nightmare, but I wouldn’t  have wanted him to be anywhere else but GOSH.’’

When the surgery was over, George then relied on ventilators and heart monitors in intensive care to help him recover.

“After his operation, I felt I could breathe for the first time in months,” Lucy said, one year on and, “he’s a real character, he’s cheeky, funny and a very happy little boy,” she added.

Your gift will help us save more babies like George.

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All donations to the helping hearts appeal will be used to open our new children's cardiac unit. Additional income received over and above the total cost of preparing the ward will be used wherever it is needed most.