Support our Sight Saving Microscope Appeal

Support our Sight Saving Microscope Appeal

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Thank you to everyone who donated to the Sight Saving Microscope Appeal. Thanks to you, we can help even more children like Monty to see.

You have helped us to buy a new microscope

Great Ormond Street Hospital's (GOSH) surgical microscope is at the end of its life. Mending the tiny eyes of children and premature babies requires painstaking precision because a fraction of a millimetre can make the difference between sight and blindness. The team would be powerless without a surgical microscope.

The current microscope has helped restore sight to thousands of our young patients. But after 14 years of daily use, it’s ready to retire. Thanks to your support, we have been able to replace it.

Dr Rob Henderson with the new microscope

Thank you to everyone who donated! A new microscope with the best optics allows us to do some of the most complex retinal surgeries that are performed in the world. Our new microscope will be used every single day by the whole Opthalmology team." – Dr Rob Henderson, Opthalmology team at GOSH

Better technology means better results

Medical technology is always improving. The latest surgical microscopes have incredible features like optical coherence tomography (OCT) that shows cross-sections of retinas in almost cellular detail. This lets surgeons like Dr Rob Henderson work faster, with greater confidence and with better results for children.

The difference a new microscope would make is astonishing. And when Dr Henderson is operating on tiny eyes of premature babies, he needs every advantage he can get.

Training the next generation of eye surgeons

As well as showing sharper images, the new microscope will also let us record rare procedures to help train the next generation of eye surgeons in the UK and around the world, so more children’s sight can be saved.

Saving Monty's sight

Baby Monty was born with an unusual genetic condition. When his parents noticed problems with his sight, he was urgently referred to GOSH.

Tests revealed he had cataracts in both his eyes. Without immediate treatment, his sight would be lost forever. It was a race against time.

Monty’s surgery went well but the number of little ones who need us is growing all the time. The clinic sees more than 20,000 children every year and performs more than 400 surgeries.

When Monty’s eyes had healed, he was able to wear glasses and could finally see his mum Sam’s face. He cried out and said: “Oh Mama!”. It was a moment that melted her heart.

Monty still visits Dr Henderson for regular check ups but now, age seven, Monty loves watching TV, playing and swimming. He even has a pair of prescription glasses to wear when he goes to the pool.

Thank you

Thank you again to everyone who donated to the appeal. If you would still like to make a donation towards the appeal, it will go where the need is most at the hospital to one of our other life-saving areas of work.

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