How your money helps

Once you start your TeamGOSH Fund, the money you raise will make a huge difference to the patients and families at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity supports the hospital in four main areas; redevelopment, research, medical equipment and accommodation and welfare.

By fundraising for GOSH you’ll be helping to ensure that we can continue to offer hope to our very sick children and their families. Thank you!

The power of your pounds

£2 could buy a box of microscope slides, which allow our researchers to examine life-threatening illnesses and hunt for clues to beat disease

£21 covers the costs of a flowmeter – a gadget that ensures children are getting just the right amount of oxygen whilst the recover

£44 could give one of our patient families a good night’s sleep in the hospital’s patient family accommodation so they can stay close by while their child is in hospital

£99 could fund a specialist chemical measuring tool that let’s our scientists find out the size of DNA molecules. This vital information could reveal critical clues about how to beat childhood diseases

£766 could fund one of our dedicated play workers for a week, who help children to cope with the physical and emotional stress of illness

£1081 covers the costs of a sofa bed for a parent so that they can stay close to their child and offer them comfort as the recover

£1421 could fund a portable heart monitor, so that our doctors can keep an eye on their young patient’s heartbeat