Peter Pan Loses the Lost Boys

  • Story
  • Age 9 - 11 years
Illustration of a sad Peter Pan and his friend, Tinker Bell.

GOSH Play team says:

“Peter Pan and Tinker Bell share a story around friendships and how sometimes big feelings come out and stop us from experiencing joy. This tale shows how friendships can grow, and how play connects us all. In hospital, play acts as a connective thread to family members, siblings and other patients.”

Play can be a great way to help children deal with loneliness and make new friends. In this short story, Tinker Bell is determined to help Peter Pan cope after he finds himself without the Lost Boys.

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Without the Lost Boys by his side, Peter Pan isn’t feeling like his usual self. Sad and lonely, he’s desperate to make new friends.

Tinker Bell swoops in in the nick of time, with a few games and activities up her sleeve to help her old friend out.

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