Play and Gabriel's GOSH journey

Gabriel smiling sitting with Jennie

Since 2018, Gabriel has been treated at GOSH for a rare type of childhood cancer. Next year, he finishes his treatment. Here, his mum, Seyrah, tells us about how the Play team has been part of his journey so far.

Ten-year-old Gabriel is treated at GOSH for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a rare type of childhood cancer.

He's been coming to the hospital for two years and is now on his final year of treatment.

In the early days, treatment could be intense. At one point, Gabriel had to visit GOSH every day for six months.

During this time, the GOSH Play team became a key source of support for him and his mum.

"He had something else to look forward to, it wasn’t just medicines.”

“The Play specialist Jennie, she’s amazing,” says Gabriel’s mum Seyrah. "She and Gabriel are like best friends."

While, at first, it was frustrating for Gabriel to be in hospital, he came to almost enjoy his visits.

"Now he asks me ‘mummy, can we go to Great Ormond Street to see Jennie?," Seyrah says.

At GOSH, Jennie and Gabriel sing, play games and dance!

“At one point they even brought musical instruments. A drum, a guitar for Gabriel to play, as he loves his music,” Seyrah says.

“It made him so happy. They made our time there a bit more enjoyable, so it wasn’t so scary. He had something else to look forward to, it wasn’t just medicines.”

Looking forward

Gabriel playing in the park

Gabriel finished the intense chemotherapy mid-way through 2019. Now he visits GOSH every 10 weeks for check-ups.

"This journey that we’re on, I would have never thought that in my wildest nightmares we would be here," Seyrah says. "But every time I drive home from GOSH with Gabriel, I’m so grateful that there is a place like this for my Gabriel. The support the doctors and nurses give is amazing."

"GOSH gives us hope. Nothing is too challenging for them," she adds.

"I hope Gabriel can lead a normal life and I hope that when all this treatment is over, he’ll be happy and healthy."