Video – the new surgery centre

The expansion and co-location of surgical services provided by a new surgery centre enables Great Ormond Street Hospital to continue breaking down the barriers of what is possible in paediatric surgery, and to carry out more procedures, giving more children a chance at life or a higher quality of life.

Video transcript

Joe Curry: “My name is Joe Curry and I’m a Consultant Surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“I’m part of an internationally-renowned team who carry out 50 to 60 procedures and operations every day on children from premature babies up to teenagers.

“The conditions we treat vary from facial reconstruction, such as rebuilding ears, to abdominal surgery, to separating conjoined twins. Most of these operations cannot be performed anywhere else in the UK.

“Our team – the surgeons, clinicians, anaesthetists and our nurses – are working at the frontiers of modern medicine. Sadly, some of our facilities do not match the world-class nature of our medical care.

“Beds are currently spread across five wards in four separate hospital buildings, one of which is 75 years old. This creates great difficulty for us in co-ordinating care before and after surgery, especially in an emergency. That’s why we desperately need a purpose-built surgery centre at the very heart of the hospital.”

A new, state-of-the-art facility

Joe Curry: “The new centre is part of a long-term redevelopment programme. In 2012 the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building was completed and work is underway on the second part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre, due to be completed in 2017.

“Work on the new building involves demolishing the top four floors of the current Cardiac Wing and replacing it with state-of-the-art facilities, creating a new surgical pathway and inpatient recovery wards.

“Bringing together all our surgical patients will revolutionise our working environment and boost our post-operative care. Designed by the surgeons and nurses who will use them, we’ll have state-of-the-art equipment to carry out keyhole surgery and open surgery as needed.

“The new surgery centre will be the largest bed pool in the hospital.”

Jilly Hale, Head of Surgical Nursing: “We know that a child-friendly environment with their family close at hand reduces a child’s anxiety and speeds their recovery.

“Each of our new bedrooms is designed for comfort, privacy and dignity, with a bed for parents, en-suite facilities and plenty of space. And the new surgery centre will also put the child first and always. New playrooms will help children to recuperate before we can get them back home to a normal life.”

How you can help

Joe Curry: “I love children’s surgery because if you do something and you do it well, you give a child 70 to 80 years of a normal life.

“With your support, we can build a new children’s surgery centre to change the lives of thousands of children.”

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