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As many as five children a day lose their lives to a rare disease, yet only 5% of UK research funding is spent on projects relating to child health. We are the UK’s largest dedicated charitable funder of child health, helping to save young lives every day. But we urgently need more support to help researchers find life-saving cures for tomorrow, today. 

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Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and its research partner, the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (ICH), are ideally located side by side, which helps drive pioneering discoveries out of the labs and onto the wards. But our impact is by no means limited to London. Working alongside our research partners, GOSH Charity support child health research on a national scale – from Aberdeen to Southampton.

The new GOSH Charity family

In February 2017, Sparks, the children’s medical research charity, merged with GOSH Charity. Sparks was set up in 1991, and to-date has funded more than 300 child health research projects across the UK and overseas. Sparks will continue to raise money exclusively for child health research across the UK, in a joint funding initiative with GOSH Charity.

This year we merged our national research funds, making up to £2 million available. This will be the largest fund in the UK dedicated to child health research, and will benefit children at GOSH, nationally and around the world. The first projects will be funded next year. 

With your help, the GOSH family can make an extraordinary difference. To learn more about how your support can transform lives now and in the future, read about the difference we've made, together, in the last year.

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Funding for the future

In 2017/18, we committed £11.5 million to fund research at the hospital, the ICH, and other research centres across the UK.

Over the next five years we aim to invest £50 million into unlocking the big breakthroughs of the future for rare and complex childhood conditions.

The child, and the adult they will become, will be at the heart of all the research. We will target and concentrate our investment towards key areas where we have the greatest chance of making a step change. Our priority areas are:

Through our new strategy, we want to see an overall improvement in survival rates and quality of life for children with rare and complex conditions at GOSH and worldwide.