Breakthroughs in children's medicine

Nurse operating scanner
Find out more about our most exciting milestones – the unique achievements that have made Great Ormond Street Hospital one of the world's leading centres for treating childhood disease.

Heart and lung

We tell the history of how we developed the very first heart-lung bypass machine, right through to pioneering new research into stem cell treatments.


We'll take you through the launch of the nation’s first leukaemia research unit, to our efforts to lead international clinical trials.


Learn how we developed the UK's first paediatric neuroscience unit and we support research into children with severe and chronic forms of memory disorder.


Discover how far we've come in understanding how our body protects itself against disease and infection over the last 160 years.


Learn how our understanding of genetics has undergone a revolution since Great Ormond Street Hospital opened in 1852.


Discover how the hospital has been at the forefront of great leaps in surgical treatment since the late 19th century.


Learn how the dedication and determination of nurses at GOSH has led to many exciting developments over the hospital's history.


The Hormones breakthrough guide will take you through some of the hospital’s biggest advances in treating hormonal disorders and the role GOSH has played in the fight against hormonal conditions since it first opened its doors in 1852.

Sight and sound

The sight and sound breakthrough guide focuses on some of the hospital’s biggest advances in treating children with sight and hearing impairments.