Why we need your help (video transcript)

Find out how Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity is making a difference to the lives of children and their families. Watch the video and find out more about why we need your help.

Martin Elliott, Co-Medical Director and Professor of Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery: "Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals and provides care for children from birth until the age of 16."

Nicola: "I can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t had the care that we’d had at Great Ormond Street."

Natalie: "We've been just very, very supported."

We need your help to fund state-of-the-art facilities

Natalie: "My name's Natalie and this is my daughter Olivia. We've been coming to Great Ormond Street now for the last six years. When she was 22 months old I found a lump in her tummy. She underwent surgery and then had to be on dialysis for a couple of years."

Eimear Dempsey, Heart Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist: "The reality about the older wards is that very often the rooms are very small and cramped. Medical equipment, while it's state-of-the-art, takes up so much space in such small areas that it doesn’t leave any play area for the children."

Natalie: "Now we've come to Eagle Ward it's just amazing, it's given us a whole different outlook to the hospital. It's all got its own en-suites so I don't have to leave her any more."

Olivia: "I've been in and out of this hospital and it's very fun here."

Natalie: "The playroom's amazing, isn't it?"

Olivia: "Mmm."

Eimear: "The new wards are fantastic and it’s an absolute pleasure to work on them and the feedback from the families has been amazing. Hopefully we’ll be getting the rest of the wards up to date as much as our ward is right now."

We need your help to fund specialist equipment

Martin: "Modern medicine isn’t possible without technology. We’re able to use that technology to both monitor baby’s wellbeing and also to use all sorts of devices to help treat them and cure them."

Eimear: "We’re very, very lucky that we have all of this amazing equipment, but it’s constantly changing, there’s always new things happening."

Martin: "Unless we keep up with it we’re not going to be able to make the advances we need to look after children in the next generation."

We need your help to fund pioneering research

Bobby Gaspar, Professor of Paediatrics and Immunology: "When I first started here we had children with some very rare genetic conditions and these children were really very sick. And so what we started was a program to try and correct their immune systems. What was really very rewarding was then to be able to take that work from the laboratory and actually start to treat patients.

"The first child that we treated was a boy I looked after who didn’t have any immune cells and kept having lots of infections and he’s now nearly 10 years after gene therapy and Mustaf is fantastic.

"To be able to continue to develop that work we need new laboratories, more people to do the research, to have the facilities to deliver the treatment to a larger number of patients."

We need your help to fund welfare services and accommodation

Nicola: "I’m Nicola and this is Hugo. We knew before he was born that he was going to need surgery at Great Ormond Street. I stayed in the accommodation at Weston House. Without it I’m not sure what we would have done, I’m not sure where I would have stayed, I’m not sure how I would have coped with it; there was so much to cope with anyway. It just meant everything to us that I could literally be across the road; if something changed, they called me, I could run over in my pyjamas, they don’t mind.

"You don’t realise at the time but what it’s doing is it’s alleviating your stress and your worry. The care that Hugo had was second to none. It’s very hard to put into words - they saved our baby. Without the care he had here he wouldn’t be with us today."

Bobby: "Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity is hugely important in funding the work that we do."

Martin: "There isn’t a way you can do this on the cheap."

Nicola: "Every single penny that you raise makes a difference to somebody like us. They gave us our baby boy. I don’t know what we would have done without them."

Elmear: "We need to continue to give these children the most amazing care. There's wards that we need to rebuild. We're not done yet."

Nicola: "At Great Ormond Street Hospital..."

Olivia: "...amazing things happen every day."

Eimear: "With your support we can provide more state-of-the-art equipment...

Bobby: "...more ground-breaking research..."

Natalie: "...modern and up-to-date wards..."

Nicola: "...and more beds for parents."

Natalie: "We rely on you."

Natalie and Olivia: "So please support Great Ormond Street Hospital."