Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

About the report

GOSH Charity’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy, launched in March 2021, outlines our commitment to creating an equal, diverse and inclusive workforce. The strategy sets out our long-term commitment to create a more equitable workplace and wider society, including a focus on identifying and addressing gender inequality, bias, and inequality within the organisation.

Our Gender Pay Gap data is an important (but not the only) measure of gender equality in our workforce, and one that will help to inform our plans and activities as we work towards our EDI goals.

While the number of employees at GOSH Charity (fewer than 250) precludes us from the requirement to publish our Gender Pay Gap details each year, in the interest of openness and transparency we choose to do so.

Our most recent Gender Pay Gap results, available here, cover the year ending 31 March 2021. View our 2019/2020 results here.

We are committed to reducing the gender pay gap at GOSH Charity and while we have seen some improvements, we recognise that there is more we need to do to achieve this area.