The story of Peter Pan and Great Ormond Street

A bronze statue of the Peter Pan character, Tinkerbell.

Peter Pan has been inspiring children and adults alike for over a hundred years.

Ever since JM Barrie gifted the rights in 1929, Great Ormond Street Hospital has enjoyed a special relationship with the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

History of Peter Pan and GOSH

Discover more about about the hospital's special relationship with JM Barrie and Peter Pan.

Peter Pan Copyright

Read about the copyright of JM Barrie's Peter Pan and publishing information.

About JM Barrie

Learn more about the life of Peter Pan author, JM Barrie, and his inspiration for Peter Pan.

Theatre performances

Find out about how to get a licence if you want to stage a production in the UK or US, or if you are a school (UK only).

Peter Pan in Schools

Learn about the exciting ways your school can get involved with Peter Pan and support the work of Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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