New Year Megadraw 2022 winners

New Year Mega Raffle

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity's New Year Megadraw Raffle and congratulations to our winners.

Here is the full list of the lucky winners:


E Hall, Gloucestershire


N Webb, Suffolk


J Mutimer, Suffolk


D Mutter, East Sussex

I Songhurst, Surrey

G Marsh, Kent

J Parkinson, Cumbria

I Love, West Sussex

R Johnson, Greater London

P Kingsley, Merseyside

E Forster, Tyne and Wear

D Morris, Surrey

G Muller, Dyfed

J Ashman, Cambridgeshire

S Marsh, Somerset

O Calvelo, Berkshire

J Weir, Aberdeenshire

H Pinches, Aberdeenshire

A Dyer, Greater Manchester

R Groom, Hertfordshire

E Brett, Kent

P Maunder, Leicestershire

A Chapman, Hertfordshire

Peter Rabbit

R Kent, Leicestershire

M Booth, Staffordshire

T Sadler, West Sussex

L Ibekwe, Essex

L Wiseman, Kent

M Harris, Surrey

A Rawle, Wiltshire

R Beckhurst, Devon

N McKeich, Shropshire

R Hinchliffe, Lancashire

J Farnden, Hampshire

G Wilkin, Essex

E Somapala, Surrey

S Stevenson, Greater London

J Jermy, Norfolk

B Arfin, Greater London

M Sharp, West Midlands

J Burt, Lanarkshire

A Shearn, Avon

A Nagy, Oxfordshire

M&S Voucher

D West, West Yorkshire

D Woods, Essex

T Goodall, East Sussex

T Waite, Hertfordshire

I Isserow, Greater London

D Green, Essex

A Middleton, Cumbria

J Swinsco, County Durham

J Keylock, Devon

R Winslett, Surrey

M Walby, Middlesex

K Taylor, Somerset

T Gallacher, Greater London

T Delaney, Lincolnshire

R Penn, Cumbria

I Cordery, Hampshire

J Smith, Avon

C Summers, Surrey

C Holdsworth, West Yorkshire

B Green, West Midlands

A Woolley, Clwyd

M Hall, Worcestershire

S Iles, Hampshire

B Henderson, Avon

M Glover, West Glamorgan

S Taylor, West Sussex

S Longley, Merseyside

H Hinze, West Sussex

P Ramsay, West Sussex

L Dickinson, North Yorkshire

N Mason, South Glamorgan

B Jarvis, Kent

S Ellson, Suffolk

J Pain, Kent

V Jones, Dyfed

I Bolton, Avon

J Ilivitzky, Middlesex

C Gray, Essex

D Hirst, West Midlands

M Baxter, Tyne and Wear

Thank you to everyone that supported us and congratulations again to our winners. Don’t forget to check out our Spring Raffle!