Celebrating our supporters

Banner reading Thank you. Your support has helped to give seriously ill children the chance of a better future.

We dedicated the 22 February 2024 to celebrating our valued supporters and saying 'thank you'.

Every day, more than 750 seriously ill children and young people are seen at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) from all over the UK. These young patients and their families are often facing the most difficult moments of their lives. Because of your support, we can help support them.

Thank you

Here is a short film to demonstrate how thankful we are for your support. On behalf of all the children, families and staff at GOSH, and all of us at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSH Charity), thank you.

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The difference you're making

Sophia smiling and looking up at her mum sat next to her

Family support

Your generosity means we can fund child and family support services, like free accommodation near the hospital. We can fund the Play team, which helps children through their treatment and recovery.

Children like 10-year-old Sophia, who was rushed to GOSH for bowel surgery the day after she was born and a few days later was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She has been coming to GOSH ever since, and her mum, Lisa, says the family accommodation is “invaluable”. Sophia also loves the Play team, and received lots of support from them when she was in hospital during COVID.

Austin smiling to camera


Your generosity means we can fund groundbreaking research to find treatments for the most complex childhood illnesses. This is vital for children like Austin, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when he was two. By the time he was eight, Austin had relapsed three times and exhausted his treatment options, including chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants.

But in 2019, Austin took part in a clinical trial of a new style of CAR-T therapy at GOSH, which was designed to target cancer cells more quickly and cause fewer side effects. The treatment worked, and Austin is now a healthy 15-year-old.

Riley sitting down outside and giving thumbs up

Medical equipment

Your generosity means we can fund advanced medical equipment, to help doctors treat the toughest and rarest conditions. This is vital for children like Riley, who was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was two years old. During his worst periods, Riley had more than 100 seizures in a day. Doctors used special equipment to study his brain before he had brain surgery. Everything went smoothly and Riley is now seizure free.

Joshua smiling wearing a Race for the Kids t-shirt, photographed at Race for the Kids


Your generosity means we can fund new child-focused spaces, so doctors can treat more patients in the best possible surroundings. This is vital for children like Joshua, who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on his eyelid when he was four years old. Joshua was treated at GOSH’s Sight and Sound Centre, which is the UK’s first dedicated facility for children with sight and hearing loss. This incredible centre features special artwork created for children with sensory loss, and even has a sensory garden with plants children can touch, smell and hear.

Thank you so much for supporting GOSH Charity. Your support has helped to give seriously ill children the chance of a better future.

Didn’t hear from us? Your support is incredibly valuable to us, and we’d love to thank you. Whilst we contacted over 80,000 supporters on the day, we were unable to reach everyone.

If you would like to check your contact preferences to make sure we can get in touch or if you have any questions please contact supporter.services@gosh.org.