Giving thanks and celebrating our corporate partners

Corporate thank you event 2016

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This week we welcomed over 50 guests, who were representing 25 of our current corporate partnerships, into Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to thank them for all of their hard work and fundraising.

The evening provided a fantastic platform upon which to thank our partners and celebrate the significant impact their support has, enabling the hospital to continue to provide world-class care to its young patients and their families. As well as hearing from a GOSH parent and Professor David Goldblatt, we also hosted our inaugural GOSH Corporate Partnership Awards.

A mum’s perspective of their time at GOSH

Deborah shared her family’s unimaginable journey of having her four-year-old daughter Astrid diagnosed with leukaemia. Deborah described how the family reacted to the diagnosis, the immense respect they have for the staff who looked after Astrid, and the charity-funded facilities which made the unthinkable that little bit easier. Thankfully Astrid is now back at school, playing with her older sister Lola, and enjoying living an ordinary life at home with her family.  

Ground-breaking research

We were joined by Professor David Goldblatt, a consultant at the hospital who is also Director of Clinical Research and Development. Professor Goldblatt provided a snapshot into the hospital’s impressive and pioneering history and also gave the audience an incredible insight into the types of amazing life-saving research GOSH embarks on in conjunction with its partner, the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH).

Professor Goldblatt gave an update on the Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Diseases in Children, scheduled to open in 2018, which will allow us to more accurately diagnose, treat and cure children with rare conditions. This new state-of-the-art centre will help us to provide answers to some of the most challenging questions facing children with rare diseases. Professor Goldblatt’s speech highlighted that for many of our patients and their families, research at GOSH is their hope to lead more ordinary lives and reach their full potential.