Disney Brings The Force to GOSH

Disney and LucasFilm transformed the Lagoon in the hospital into a Star Wars fan's paradise in July 2016.

Young people, parents, siblings and staff were treated to an afternoon of Star Wars themed activities organised by the mighty Disney Volunt-EARs. The array of activities included a Star Wars-themed photo booth, building a mural, creating Star Wars characters from Lego and watching unreleased footage of Star Wars Rebelsintroduced by star Ashley Eckstein. 

In addition, patients had the opportunity to take part in the official Force Training Program, conducted by two lead Jedis who then presented them with certificates to celebrate mastering the force. 

R2D2, C3P0, Storm Troopers and Daisy Ridley, as her character Rey, also attended the event to make it extra special. It was a huge hit with kids, parents and staff alike. Thanks to Disney, LucasFilm and everyone who made the day such a super success!