Make bottle twirlers for your garden

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  • Age 3+
An illustration of two plastic bottles

GOSH Play team says:

“Suitable for ages three and above, this creative activity will help build a positive, colourful environment at home using minimal resources.”

Brighten up your garden with this colourful craft activity.

What to do

  1. Carefully make a hole with some scissors in the top of a bottle, next to the lid, and cut off the top. Then cut the rest of the bottle into a spiral shape, cutting around the bottle until you reach the bottom. Smaller children might need a little help using scissors for this step.
  2. Find some brightly coloured sheets of crepe or tissue paper and cut them into long strips.
  3. Use tape or glue to attach the strips of paper to the full length of the spiral. You can decide what pattern you would like to display the coloured strips.
  4. Finally, use some ribbon or string to hang your wind spiral outside. Watch how it moves in the wind.